Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Freebie 4 you!!

Hiya All, it's me again!! I'm supposed to be doing making the Christmas photos for my cousins daycare, she dropped the photos off this morning and I have to have them all prettied up and looking Christmas-like by this afternoon. Of course, being who I am, I just had to find something else to do before I got started. I'll pop back in tommorrow and show everyone some of the 19 photos I have to work on.
Like everyone at Christmas time, it's been a very busy time and out of the blue the girls Dad rang up and decided he wanted to take Cheyenne over to Australia to spend some time with him (at the moment he won't take Maia because he doesn't like changing diapers) so there was a big rush to get her organised to send over. It was her first trip by herself to Australia and I was so nervous about giving her over to the airline staff. The moment the plane took off I rang her father and told him to get to the airport now and wait to make sure he got there on time. Now, it's 12 days till she gets back, she's only been gone for 3 days and I miss her so much, it feels like its already been long enough and she should just get home now. I suppose at least this year I don't have to worry about hiding her Christmas presents, they're all just sitting in the lounge waiting to be wrapped.
I love the Christmas season, it's so much fun. Yesterday my little 2 year old decorated our Christmas tree. The tree looks very busy and very unbalanced but she did it and it was her first time so that is how our tree will look this year. I think it looks absolutely adorable and I proudly show off her work to everyone who visits. I took photos of her decorating and of the finished product so when I get the photos onto my drive I will show her handy work off to everbody on the internet as well.
Now I should get going with what I came on here to do. I have a freebie Alpha that goes with my new kit "Butterfly Dreams". Here is a preview of "Butterfly Dreams", I love this kit, it's so pretty (but then I might be a bit biased)...

And here are a few pages that I created using "Butterfly Dreams"...

And now for the all important FREEBIE!! Here is the preview...

Here is the download link --->Butterfly Dreams Alpha<---

Thanx for visiting and I hope you like the alpha. I better go off and do these Christmas photos now. Don't forget to stop by my store and have a look around, you might find something you like, and snag my blinkie, if you love it.

Till next time, Be Well
Cheers Erica

Saturday, October 25, 2008

New Kit and a Freebie!!

WOW!! What a day I've had, it was time to get the girls their summer wardrobe and this time I promised they could pick their own clothes. Well, that was a mistake I won't soon make again. Chasing two girls running rampant all over the store was very tiring but they got the clothes they wanted and all was happy in the world. Now they are finally fast asleep snuggled up in their new pj's and looking ever so sweet and cute.

Now onto the new kit I have at Kjoi Studios, of course this one is a very girly kit. My little ones decided to help me by telling me what should be in it, so being the ever obliging mummy I listened added a bit more and that is how "Precious" was created. In it you will find 38 elements including - flowers, word art, safty pins, footprints, stickers, ribbons, and much more. There are also 15 papers. Here's the preview for you all to have a look at...

Here's the link to go to my store and check it out ---> Precious <---
Next we have a layout I created using it, it's of my youngest cutie, I love this photo of her. She was picking me daisies when I took it...

Now we move onto everyone's favorite bit of any blog (I know it's one of my favorite bits, lol), THE FREEBIE!! I have put together a little sampler of Precious and here it is just for you...

Here's the download link for you ---> Precious Sampler <---

I hope you enjoy this little taste of Precious.

Till next time, Be Well
Cheers Erica

Saturday, October 18, 2008

YAY!! Great News!!

Hiya All, I have awesome news!! I have opened my first shop @ Kjoi Studios!! I was in the designer contest (contestant 22477B) and of course I am still not good at remembering my blog so I forgot to tell everyone about it. Well, I made it through and now I am exclusively @ Kjoi Studios. I've loaded my first kit into the shop just in time for the Birthday Celebration, so if you cruise on over there in the next couple of days you can pick it for 50% off. An awesome saving and you get a great kit for just $2.00. Make sure you check out the other designers too, there are some really great deals in store for 50% off. Here's the preview of my kit COUNTRY CHAOS...

Here is the link to check out my gorgeous new kit ---> COUNTRY CHAOS

Now for a few freebies!! During the contest I made four different freebies to show that I was verstile and had the ability to do anything. They are still being offered for free so I will now catch up with myself and offer them to you. Week One I had to make a paper pack, so here is my PAPER PACK...

Download Link ---> PAPER PACK

Week Two it was time to make an alpha, so here is my STAR ALPHA...

Download link ---> STAR ALPHA

Week Three it was the turn of the template, so here are my CLEAN AND SIMPLE TEMPLATES...


Week four it was time for the elements, this one was a lot of fun, and here is COUNTING SHEEP...

Download link ---> COUNTING SHEEP

Now I have to run off and my little girl has just woken up and my big girl is waiting for me to play hangman with her. I'll be back much more with news and freebies. Don't forget to snag my blinkie.

Till next time, Be Well
Cheers Erica

Friday, October 17, 2008

Come join us for a 1st birthday...

Join us for all the fun, challenges, prizes and a huge sale October 17, 18 & 19! right here @ Kjoi Studios.

Make sure you stop on by and check out the fun, it's gonna be a blast.

I'll be back later with a little announcement of my own and a freebie.

Till next time, Be Well
Cheers Erica

Monday, July 28, 2008

Two Freebies Today!!!

Hiya Everyone, today I have two, count 'em two, freebies for you. One is my third round kit from NDIDDS at Designs In Digi and the second is my first round kit for The Gardens Got Talent design competition at Digital Scrap Garden.

My third round kit is a little different but it is fun. I needed a kit to do those lovely drinking photos, so here is "Hair Of The Dog"...

Here's the download link --->Hair Of The Dog<--- and a layout using the kit...

Now for the second freebie. This one had a summer theme and it was a lot of fun to work on even though I'm in the middle of winter right now. Here is "Funshine"...

With this one when you pop on over to grab it could you do me one little favour... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, Cast Your Vote For Me!!!!!

Here is the download link --->Funshine<--- and a layout using the kit...

I hope everyone enjoys my freebies and I'll be back next week with two more and maybe some extras inbetween. Keep an eye out.

Till next time, Be Well
Cheers Erica

Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Freebie from MCA Designs (One Day Only)

For One Day Only (Thursday, July 24th)...Here is a real treat for those of you who are needing to scrap all those beach photos. This free add-on was created by Ladybug to coordinate with A Fish Tale. She is one of our new designers at My Scrap Shop, so while you are there, be sure to check out her store. Thanks Ladybug!

Get your free Daily Download - Thursday, July 24th only -

HERE --->Daily Download<---

A Fish Tale kit will be on sale at 25% off on Thursday, July 24th only! Take advantage of this sale HERE:

--->A Fish Tale<---

This is an awesome add-on and kit with great elements and colours. Here are a couple of layouts I did using A Fish Tale, just to show you how great it is.

While you are visiting me don't forget to go and check out my freebie at Designs In Digital and help me to become their Newest Designing Star.

--->Baa Baa Little Sheeps<---

I'm at Number 10 on their best sellers list, shall we try for Number 1. Let's go for it my friends, help me make it.

Till next time, Be Well
Cheers Erica

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

2nd Round Freebie!!

Hiya All, I hope everyone's been good and has been enjoying getting all the great freebies that are out there from this designer contest. There have been some awesome entries. Well, the round two mini kits are up and this time I decided to do something a little different. My second round mini is Baa Baa Little Sheeps, here's the preview...

Download Link --->Baa Baa Little Sheeps<---

Here's a layout done using this cute little kit...

I really need everyone's help, so please download this freebie and enjoy. Later on in the week I will put up the kit I made a while ago that this mini is the bright side of "Sleep Tight". All my freebies are still available so help yourself to any you want.

My round one mini is still available too, so be sure to check that one out as well if you haven't all ready. --->Spring Wind<---

Thanx for all your help everyone and don't forget to check out all the other great kits in the competition.

Till next time, Be Well
Cheers Erica